Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Play Framework - Part 6

The Play Framework is a MVC web application framework for Java that focuses on being light-weight and easy to use--two qualities that you don't see very often in the Java web application world.

Here are a couple miscellaneous features of the Play Framework:

In the "conf/routes" file, a regular expression can be used to match a URL to a controller action. The regular expression is enclosed within < > characters and comes before the variable name. For example, the following route definition only matches if the last part of the URL is a number:

GET  /posts/{<[0-9]+>id}

In a template, when looping through a list of elements, it is often helpful to know if the current element is the first or last element in the list. To do this, append _isFirst or _isLast to the end of the variable name. For example, the code below will output the contents of a list with each element separated by a comma. A comma should always be printed after each element--except for the last element, which shouldn't print a comma:

#{list items:tags, as:tag}
  ${tag}${tag_isLast ? '' : ', '}

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