Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just found out about this cool service called Dropbox, which I thought I'd write about. I read a blurb about it in the March issue of Linux Journal.

Dropbox is a free service that lets you store files online. That sounds pretty boring. But it's more than just a free FTP server. What happens is, you install a small app on your computer, which creates a special "dropbox" folder in your home directory (or in My Documents if you're using Windows). The app monitors this folder for any changes and syncs these changes with the Dropbox server. For example, when you copy a file (Word document, MP3, whatever) to this folder, it will immediately upload it to your Dropbox account. If you delete a file, it will delete it from your account.

But the really cool thing is that you can connect multiple computers to your account by installing the Dropbox application on each one (there are Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone versions). So if you add a file to your Dropbox folder on your desktop PC, it will immediately download to your MacBook laptop, Linux Netbook, and whatever else.


Jason said...

Agreed, this is a great app... handy for settings up music shares with friends also :)

mangst said...

Yes that's true...the fact that it lets you share folders with other people is a huge plus. I mostly use it as a way to sync content on all my computers instead of carrying around a thumb drive everywhere.