Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad HealthVault Method Schema URLs

One thing to note when working with the HealthVault XML method schemas is that the links to these schemas in the HealthVault Developer Center (, as well as in the GetServiceDefinition response, are not always correct. Some versions of some methods refer to the version 1 schemas, when they actually have their own schemas.

For example, the URL to the GetThings3 request schema is listed as:

This URL incorrectly points to the version 1 schema. The version number must be added to the end of the file name in order to get the correct schema:

This holds true for the following methods:

CreateConnectPackage2 request
GetServiceDefinition2 response
GetThings3 request, response
OverwriteThings2 request
PutThings2 request

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electronic signatures said...

If URL incorrectly points to the version 1 schema then how and why the whole thing works together how do you know that its pointing to older version.Will adding the version number at end of the file name solve this problem