Monday, May 5, 2008

ThumbThru released

I just recently finished putting together a small utility I had written a while ago for some websites I had designed during college. I spent a few days cleaning it up and turning it into something generic that anyone could download and start using right away. I've called it...**drumroll**


It's a simple photo gallery utility coded entirely in Javascript and written in such a way so that it takes as little time as possible to get up and running. It's a lot like the galleries you'll find on the In Pictures section of the BBC News website--in fact, you could say that's where I got my "inspiration".

Some things I learned when writing this:

  • How to create a Javascript class

  • The difference between the GPL and the LGPL (I've licensed it under the LGPL, btw)

  • The fact that Ant can create ZIP files (pretty cool!)

All future blog posts perhaps...?

Anyway, feel free to download ThumbThru and give it a try! Or at least check out the live demo!

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